This is a game-changing letter that should be read by everyone affected by cancer.  It was written in November 2020 from a high-level review body scutinising the work of the Wales Cancer Research Centre (WCRC).  The Centre embraces cancer research in all of Wales. Read on and find out why a stand-alone cancer centre in Cardiff will, troublingly ‘have serious consequences for patients’, damage Wales’s reputation in cancer care and ‘erode’ Velndre’s brand in the eyes of the world. Yet Vaughan Gething signed off this same fateful ‘compromise’ plan (his word) on March 19th while the WCRC letter was known to Welsh Government but lay hidden.

The eminent members of the External Advisory Board:-

Wales Cancer Research Centre

External Advisory Board Membership as of May 2021

NameRole/ExpertiseProfessional TitleAffiliation
Prof. Neil Burnet Chair (from 1st Jan, 2019)Radiotherapy (photon and proton beam therapy)Clinical Professor and Honorary Consultant in Clinical OncologyUniversity of Manchester
Prof. David Cameron Deputy ChairClinical Leadership in Clinical Trials of Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy;Devolved Nations NetworkingClinical Professor and Honorary Consultant in Medical OncologyUniversity of Edinburgh
Prof. Judith BlissClinical Trials Statistics, Methodology and GovernanceProfessor of Clinical Trials; Deputy Head, Division of Cancer StudiesInstitute of Cancer Research, London
Prof. Sarah BlagdenClinical Leadership in Early Phase TrialsAssociate Prof of Experimental Therapeutics; Honorary Consultant in Medical OncologyUniversity of Oxford
Prof. Owen SansomPre-clinical discovery and translational  scienceDirector, Institute of Cancer SciencesUniversity of Glasgow
Prof. Karin OienCancer pathology and bio-bankingProfessor of Pathology (Experimental Therapeutics)University of Glasgow
Prof. Jane MaherPalliative Care; Third Sector PartnershipsChief Medical OfficerMacmillan Cancer Support
Ms. Kate RobinsonPatient and Public Involvement
Independent lay representative