Hint: it’s not Velindre

Newsweek, October 2021

We’d all like a world class cancer hospital in Cardiff. Wouldn’t we? Well, guess what, we’ve already got one.

But its not Velindre

The influential periodical Newsweek has published its list of the top 200 hospitals in the world for oncology. You can find the article here:


As they say- ‘if you, or a loved one needs specialised care, you want to know which hospitals or medical centres have state of the art facilities and the most knowledgable, accomplished physicians. Where will you have access to the best diagnosticians, highest level of care and most effective treatments?

Three UK Centres rank in the world top 50- the Royal Marsden, Addenbrooks and the Christie.

A further 10 UK Centres rank in the top 200- including the University Hospital of Wales. Velindre, sadly, is nowhere to be seen.

So for all Velindre’s self- aggrandisement and complacency, they’re not a world class cancer centre. They’re not even the best cancer centre in Cardiff. And persisting with their flawed stand- alone model means they never will be. That is very sad, for all of us.