Co-locate Velindre is a healthcare professional action-group fighting for the best cancer care in South East Wales. Its members are appalled that a new cancer centre for the region is actually planned to be ‘stand-alone’.

Instead, along with the majority of cancer specialists in the NHS today, we expect any new cancer centre in South East Wales to be ‘co-located’ with a large hospital (UHW favoured). It must have the same facilities available to patients as other UK Cancer Centres. This is a matter of health equality in Wales and through the whole UK. That means any cancer centre must be on the same site as an intensive care unit and operating theatres. Also it must have medical, surgical and speciality support services available 24/7 for safe delivery of routine and emergency care.A stand- alone Centre will be unable to offer patients all the many therapies developing today, while opportunities to participate in research trials will be severely limited. 

Co-locate Velindre‘s vision fits perfectly with the authoritative judgement made by a group of foremost professors reviewing the Wales Cancer Research Centre. This powerful document is now available on this site.