This is the new Velindre Cancer Centre, and NHS Wales is sinking £800M of public money into this obselete development against the advice of 200 cancer specialists [and expert panelists].

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Cancer Centres are normally good news, but nowadays they are always built close to main hospitals, for obvious reasons as emergency care and surgery is often needed. The proposed Velindre cancer centre however, is 3 miles from the nearest main hospital site [and you don’t want emergency transfers taking between 20 minutes and more often upto several hours].

The new Velindre centre won’t be able to bring down cancer treatment waiting times in Wales by any significant amount because it will have little extra treatment capacity.

It will not even keep pace with the expanding demands for cancer treatment.

A standalone centre like this makes emergency care there impossible and the public money spent, wasted on a single outpatient unit.

So who’s going to get all this public money? Private companies – two of whom have previously been convicted of bid rigging for construction projects, with one being sued for building hospitals with significant fire safety defects .

There is also no paper trail of how this building has got approval. No minutes or record were kept of that all important meeting deciding not to locate with a main hospital.

We are running out of time to reverse the damage here…


We need you to email the health minister Eluned Morgan ms and the first minister Mark Drakeford ms asking them not to continue with their original decision but to co-locate the cancer centre with the main hospital in south east wales. It will be worth waiting a few extra years to get this right rather than proceeding with something that is just not going to work.

Co-Locate Velindre