Why the silence?

Colocate Velindre has consistently put the case for co-location of the New Velindre Cancer Centre on an acute hospital site. All the evidence from Cancer Centres elsewhere in the UK, including the rest of Wales, shows that colocated centres deliver safer, more joined-up care to cancer patients when they so desperately need it.

We know that the New Velindre leaders are committed to the calamitous stand-alone build. They’ve tried to reassure us that somehow the New Velindre will overcome the dangers of its remote site in a way that other Cancer Centres haven’t been able to. These reassurances have time and again proved hollow- remember the Barrett report? https://colocate-velindre.co.uk/clinical-letter-to-ministers-point-1-the-barrett-report/Transfer times of ‘minutes’ for the ‘less than ten patients per year‘ needing emergency transfer https://colocate-velindre.co.uk/clinical-letter-to-ministers-4/

However, we’ve heard nothing from the clinicians who’ll be delivering the services in the new Cancer Centre.

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