We would like to make clear our gratitude to all Velindre’s staff, and we want everyone to be absolutely clear that we support these key workers and the service they provide. 

We make many criticisms of ‘Velindre’ in our blogs, and we want to emphasise that these criticisms are NOT directed at frontline staff. 

Our scientifically validated criticism is directed solely at the inner groupthink team that has advanced a calamitous project for cancer care in South East Wales. Those who are driving forward the development of a new, stand-alone Cancer Centre on a site several miles from an acute hospital. We call these people ‘New Velindre leaders’.

We are aware of accusations that we are in some way ‘anti-cancer treatment’, ‘nimby’ or ‘unsupportive’, and we have written this especially to refute these views. 

We emphasise again our huge gratitude to the staff for the care they provide at the existing Velindre.