The recently built Guy’s Cancer Centre and Liverpool’s Clatterbridge Centres show that award winning, co-located Cancer Centres are being built on small pieces of land.

Guy’s Cancer Centre occupies a footprint of just 0.51 acres on a triangular site in central London

Liverpool’s Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, which opened in June 202, has a 1.6 acre footprint. This 11 storey hospital has 110 in-patient beds and delivers a wide range of highly specialist cancer care including pioneering chemotherapy, immunotherapy , gene therapy , haemato-oncology and radiotherapy. It has state of the art facilities for bone marrow transplant, diagnostics and imaging, outpatients, daycare treatments, a teenage & young adult unit and clinical therapies. Every inpatient has their own single en-suite room.

Further information about Liverpool Clatterbridge Centre is available at:

The University Hospital of Wales has a footprint of 56.8 acres, where there is ample space for Wales to build its own, modern, co-located Cancer Centre, providing integrated cancer care for decades to come.