We’ve seen a lot in the media in the last couple of days about patients being transferred between hospitals in Wales.


Yesterday’s blog drew the uncanny parallels between the sorry situation now affecting patients in the Grange Hospital, and the much less well publicised reliance on ambulance transport for patients in Velindre.


Velindre relies on ambulance transport for patients needing investigations and treatments they can’t provide on their Whitchurch site. This includes an average of two emergency transfers per week for the very sickest patients. Even before the recent pressures on the ambulance service, emergency transfers from Velindre to UHW could take up to six hours.

We’d like to hear from you

We know that patients receive excellent care from the clinical team in Velindre, and we appreciate all that they do. But some patients will need care from a bigger hospital. It’s not always possible to predict who will need this. If you, or a relative, has experienced a transfer from Velindre to another hospital, in an emergency or just for routine tests and treatment, we’d like to hear your experience. Tell us the good as well as the bad! You can contact us in confidence at colocatevelindre@gmail.com