We’re disturbed at so many questionable mantras offered for the New Velindre project. So we’re going to challenge some of them. Let’s start with this one:

 ‘Of course clinicians are going to split 50-50 on this cancer-centre issue aren’t they?’

 Well, no they do not. Our post, Eminent Clinical Reviewers on Velindre’s Plans is a letter intended to guide cancer research in all of Wales and it embodies clear received practice in the entire UK.  That practice is all but exclusively ‘co-location’. In Wales the picture’s simple too – mainly Velindre’s leading clinical managers versus the rest (i.e. Velindre versus Swansea and all points north). It’s true. See the post: Letter from 163 Senior Clinicians. So Velindre’s clinical managers versus the rest – that’s not 50-50 is it? More like 5-95.