Clinicians concerned about the future of cancer care in South East Wales have repeatedly called for an independent clinical review of the stand-alone model. Velindre and Transforming Cancer Services have responded by claiming the model has been reviewed, implying that Dr Jane Barrett reviewed the model, and that the advice from the Nuffield Trust was a review, but to date NO external clinical review of the model has taken place.

The Barrett report: 

The document produced by the Velindre NHS Trust “Why not build a new Velindre Cancer Centre on another hospital site?”   contains this statement:

 “The clinical lead in an external review of the project, carried out in 2017, was Dr Jane Barrett OBE, an eminent UK clinical oncologist and past President of the Royal College of Radiologists.”

Velindre were unable to produce a copy of the review’s report, so we asked Dr Barrett herself. She said:

“You are correct that I was involved in the review into the siting of satellite centres in South Wales. However it was not a review into the redevelopment of Velindre.”

Although Velindre have frequently referred to Dr Barrett’s review, implying it was an independent review in favour of the stand-alone model, the reality is that no such report was ever written by Dr Barrett.

The Nuffield Trust:

The Nuffield Trust did not undertake a clinical review, as clearly stated on page 10 of their report: 

“First, this is not and has never claimed to be a wholescale independent review of the project. The scope of this report is tightly defined and relates specifically to the clinical management of the planned network model for non-surgical tertiary cancer services and new cancer centre.”  

We believe the need for independent review is as strong as ever

Surely if Velindre had confidence in their plans, they would be happy to open them for independent scrutiny?