But only if you act now.

It’s a mere 10-15 minutes task. All you do is send a 3-sentence email to your Senedd members for both constituency and region. You can google ‘Senedd Members’ for e-mail addresses.

 The first sentence expresses your deep concern personally at this Project. 

The second sentence merely urges the MS to visit http://colocate-velindre.co.uk/ to get the real story on Velindre. The second sentence asks the MS to go on and read the short but stunning post: Eminent Clinical Reviewers on Velindre’s Plans and if possible the 13thSeptember posts.

The third sentence should be your name and address (postcode as a minimum) as many MS will only deal with correspondence from their own constituents.

BUT THEN please print out your e-mail message and deliver or post it 1st class to the MS c/o of their local party office. This might just by-pass any gatekeeping and stalling.

 To modify a famous line – all it’s left now for bad to triumph is for good people to do nothing.